Collection: Damien Hirst

As art collectors, we want all artwork to be appreciated, framed and placed in your home, office or salon. Some artists such as Damien Hirst have become a status symbol, like owning a Rolex watch or driving a Ferrari. The danger is that the work is somehow degraded into an asset rather than a piece of art, and that shouldn't be so because Damien still works on the edges. The edges are where you will find the true artist, the artist who is searching, manipulating, stealing, exploiting but never hiding. 

Whether it's a spin painting, a butterfly, a medicine cabinet or a floating cow, Damien wows us with left field commentary on life, death, religion and the mystique of whatever in lurking in the dark corners of his (and our) mind.

It is great to say I have a Rolex, even more to show you my Ferrari, but my Damien Hirst is something that will greet me each morning, welcome me home and make me pause and absorb true art. 


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