Eben Contemporary was founded by two art lovers and collectors. This gallery was built for collectors of contemporary art.

Our curation is made up of three groups - museum level, mid career 
and emerging artists.  

There is no mistaking that artists like Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, KAWS and Banksy have cemented their place in art history. The secondary market is awash with their pieces whether it be million pound works at the major auction houses, or £1000 posters on Ebay. Here at Eben we want to create a gallery where all collectors are welcome, not just the chosen few. We want to provide excellent service and transparency. Transparency about pricing, condition and authenticity, which in turn builds trust with our clients - hence our axiom Trust : Service : Transparency.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
We know you want a fair price
We know you want pieces to be well packaged
We know you want a reliable courier
We know you want good communication before, during and after the sale
We know you want the condition report to be accurate
We know you want to be informed of any pieces from the artists you collect
We know you want transparency
We know you want us to be there should something go wrong
We know, because that is what we want. We collect too, we made this for us. 
Please join us in our quest to form a like-minded collective of collectors.                                                              

 Andrew Bramall, Co-founder of Eben Contemporary Limited