Collection: Gerhard Richter

One of the biggest highlights at Eben was meeting Gerhard Richter. Expecting a serious, imposing character we were surprised to have a light-hearted conversation with a true gentleman, and they say don't meet your heroes. His pieces are definitely not light-hearted. Subject matters such as The Holocaust, religion and war. Like most great artist, he has many facets and periods where his style, direction and concepts have changed. Portraiture, manipulated photography, blur paintings and abstract are just a few of the processes he has worked with. 

Richter’s work is housed in major museums, galleries and collections. To go on a shopping spree for a handful of large canvases, you would need bank account that holds over a billion dollars. His entry level unsigned prints therefore enable all collectors to say the lines we all want to say "yes, that is a Gerhard Richter on my wall" 

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